The Excitement Builds!

The more people find out about this project, the more positive feedback we get. Networks of connections are being revealed as disconnected folks share related stories of how they feel impacted by others’ efforts. The latest gem was a story of a  local woman who wanted to learn more about Frances Nelson in order to write an article about the Public I newspaper. She had difficulty finding information, though there is a missing microfiche that might provide a clue! We have also started hearing back from artists who are interested in designing the posters, which is dreamy. Thanks, everyone, for your enthusiasm!


Calling All Artists, Professional or Not!

Once we decide which people, groups, and events will be made into posters, we will need the help of artists to create the poster designs. If you are interested in designing a poster, please email us at:

A small stipend is available. We are looking for both formal and informal artists to participate!

We’re Online

As you can tell, we have created a website! We have also made a Facebook page, a paypal account so you can donate online, and of course, our email address:

Please stay in touch! We hope to make updates and additions regularly, at least through fall 2010.