Posters and Histories

These posters promote and celebrate the contributions made to the well-being of the Urbana-Champaign community by local groups and individuals who we consider to be under-recognized.

The posters inform and inspire people as they take the bus, attend the farmer’s market, shop in local businesses, and visit each others’ homes, allowing our community to recognize its wealth. In this way, increased civic pride in our creative skills, our capacity to affect positive social change, and in the many contributions “average citizens” make, prompt us to continue the legacy of those who’ve come before us.

Posters are available at accessible prices ($1-5 for cardstock, $5-15 for archival paper). To get one, please contact:


How Does it Work?

We have an ongoing open call for ideas and designs.

Ongoing Oral History and Research:
First, we ask “Who has done something to make life in Urbana-Champaign better for everyone? Healthier, more beautiful, or increasingly just?” We then follow up on suggestions by interviewing people and reviewing source documents. The process used invites public participation at every step.

Poster Design:
Once we decide on a poster topic, we identify an artist or graphic designer (professional or not) to create images. We provide the artist with basic prompts, but support their creative discretion to design the poster as they see fit. We also accommodate artists who have their own concept, or those who want to fully conceptualized design idea. We keep the poster size at  11×17″ so that they can be displayed in easily accessible frames and on public busses.

Poster Printing and Promotion:
Once the image is complete, we make two types of digital prints: one on archival paper for beauty, and one on card stock to create a financially accessible version. For our first versions (Tenant Union and Daniel Schreiber), we also made hand-screened posters, and posters in different sizes.

Let us know who YOU think has made Urbana-Champaign healthier, more beautiful, or increasingly just! Email us at:

Completed Posters:

ladies against war poster

Ladies Against War (graphic design: Heather Ault)


john lee johnson poster

John Lee Johnson (graphic design: Kevin Hamilton


Dave Monk poster

Dave Monk/Heartland Pathways (graphic design: Rohn Koester)


drum corps poster

Douglass Center Drum Corps (graphic design: Julio Florez)



Daniel Schreiber (graphic design: Miriam Martincic)


Daniel Schreiber, 19×26″ hand-screened version (graphic design: Miriam Martincic)


union mtd

Urbana Champaign Tenant’s Union (graphic design: Anastasia Tumanova)


Other Histories and Potential Posters
(if you are interested in designing a poster for one of these, or your own, please contact us at

  • Taylor Thomas – fought for civil rights at Crystal Lake/Urbana Schools
    Paul Hursey – fought for desegregation of Urbana Schools
    Phyllis Clark – active in a lot in Urbana
  • Henry Tiebout Jr. – Civil rights activist 1921-1983
  • Merlin Tabor- Conscientious Objector in WWII
  • Dorothy Day- founded Catholic Worker
  • Rev. Tagor- 1st non-westerner to receive the nobel prize in literature, paved the way for Asian students solidarity
  • A.W.A.R.E.- Anti-War Anti-Racism Effort founded after 9/11 attacks to address anticipated escalation of war and racism in government and communities
  • Elijah Lovejoy
  • Robert Wahfeldt
  • African Violet Society
  • Vernon Fein- Founded food bank
  • Ed and Carol Scharlu- United way
  • Fred Schlef
  • Kathy Larson
  • Bernadine Stake- on city council
  • Urbana Farmer’s Market
  • Mary Lee Seargant and Jane Morrow- ERA activism, including writing to Noam Chomsky about sexist language in his visit to UIUC
  • Pre-colonization Native American tribes-
  • Ester Patt – Tenants Advocacy Group in Urbana
  • Janice/Daniel Mitchell-
  • Project 500
  • Anne Robin- Gynie program at UIUC
  • Bill Taylor- Primary Communications Radio Project, Kalyx Center
  • Doris Hodgkins
  • Gina Jackson
  • Ernie Westfield
  • Butterball- drum corps
  • Ann Bishop

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Noah Lenstra
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 16:39:31

    Suggestions for more individuals:

    Taylor Thomas – fought for civil rights at Crystal Lake/Urbana Schools
    Paul Hursey – fought for desegregation of Urbana Schools
    Ester Patt – Tenants Advocacy Group in Urbana
    Phyllis Clark – active in a lot in Urbana
    Janice/Daniel Mitchell


  2. Ron Szoke
    Sep 23, 2010 @ 17:03:28

    Very interesting project. I hope to participate to some extent.


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